About Us

Our story began back in a time when we cherished the special little moments in our young son, Cole’s, life.  It would be the towers we built with blocks and the excitement of knocking them down. Racing toy cars and reading stories before we headed out the door for our day. All of his “firsts” to the snuggles that we hoped would last forever. And most of all, our favorite time singing songs together and making up silly dances that we called “The cBOP.”

Those little moments of our everyday life, the big milestones, and the memories of those playful dances are forever a part of us. We created cBOPso we can share those special moments in your child’s life because we truly believe that every child encompasses “cBOP.”


We could never have dreamed of the immense amount of love and joy our son would bring us. There’s just nothing better! We hope in some way we help bring a touch of that joy to you and your family in celebrating the big milestones, little moments and everything in between.